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March 12, 2020 View the Original Article

Some of Our Favorite Gyms Are Coping With Coronavirus by Streaming Workouts

March 19, 2020

Last week, Swerve Fitness CEO Eric Posner had to make what he calls one of the most difficult decisions of his life when he—along with the two other co-founders of the New York City-based spinning studio—closed the doors to all three of their gyms. Embracing the realities of the coronavirus crisis is hard for a lot of us, and it’s proved especially tough for the finance-guy-turned-entrepreneur and CEO of a small business, knowing that each day the studios are closed is a day of major financial loss.

“What’s happening in the world right now is hard to swallow. We did what we had to do to keep our team and community safe,” Posner says, “It chokes me up talking about it. It wasn’t something we anticipated happening so soon.”

Now, like many other leaders in the fitness industry, Posner’s trying to figure out how to make ends meet for an uncertain amount of time and limit the damage to his business, all while encouraging their community of riders and staff through the crisis.

“We’re going through the numbers and doing everything we can to call all of our vendors, partners, banks, literally everyone and see what sort of relief we can get,” he says. “Some conversations have gone well, and others we’re still having.”

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