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November 22, 2019 View the Original Article

We Took a Boxing Class at EverybodyFights for October’s BWP Underground Event

Our Be Well Philly Undergrounders were back on their fitness grinds this past month! In October, we popped up at EverybodyFights, a pretty incredible new gym that has boxing, circuit training, treadmill classes, yoga practices, and open gym options. (Yep, they’re so good they won our 2019 Best of Philly for “Best New Gym.”) The layout is expansive, with multiple workout spaces and spacious locker rooms, and the all-black, underground fighter aesthetic of the gym was perfect for our Underground event.

After Undergrounders checked in and picked up their complimentary boxing gloves (thanks, EverybodyFights!), we got ready for our unique class, which was co-taught by EverybodyFights instructors Catie Smith and Reid Eichelberger.

 Together, the pair gave us a taste of multiple styles of workouts the studio offers — we did some circuit training with ropes, bikes, rowing machines, and more, and some boxing. It was great to keep moving and try so many different styles — but hard as hell! (In the best way possible, of course.)

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