Train Like a Boxer

November 25, 2019

At EverybodyFights, you can Train Like a Boxer without getting hit. To prepare for a fight, boxers endure Training Camp, or a defined period of time during which they undergo intense training with the hope of earning the win. While every boxer’s strategy during Training Camp is different, Training Camp typically consists of five key areas: Strength and Conditioning, Roadwork (running), Boxing Conditioning (Bagwork), Technique, and Recovery. Sound familiar? 

At the heart of the EverybodyFights class experience is a Boxer’s Training Camp. Our five core classes (TRAIN, ROAD, BAGS, MITTS and RECOVER) represent each key area of Training Camp. TRAIN is a Strength and Conditioning circuit, ROAD is a treadmill-based class, BAGS is a Heavy Bag class, MITTS is a small group, technique-based class, and RECOVER is a stretching and foam rolling class. The programming even trains you like a boxer — it’s designed as if it were preparing you for a fight. For example, in BAGS, you throw combinations from historic fights, learning the why behind the sequence of punches. In TRAIN, the exercises are meant to build specific qualities relevant to boxing, such as power, endurance or mental toughness. 

The vision is to unleash your inner fighter — to provide not just a workout, but an experience that trains your body and conditions your mind to think like a fighter. The workout is a means to build grit and determination, leaving you empowered to fight for what you want in life. Together, we build a community of fighters, supporting one another and spreading the Fighting Spirit that anything worth having is worth fighting for.

- Nicole Schultz, PhD, MPH - VP of Training at EverybodyFights