Parents | Should You Stop Going to the Gym Because of Coronavirus?

March 10, 2020 View the Original Article

Should You Stop Going to the Gym Because of Coronavirus?

What can you do to decrease your risk of contracting coronavirus?

The best way to avoid coronavirus germs might sound simple, but it’s effective: Wash your hands—and keep washing them. “That’s the key to this whole process,” Tierno says. Before you go to the gym, halfway through, when you leave—make sure you scrub with soap and water, especially if you’re going to touch food afterward or you know you touch your face often. You also want to skip high-fiving your neighbor after a tough set and maybe throw them a thumbs-up instead.

While individuals' biggest shield from the disease is hand washing, gyms and studios across the country have also taken extra steps to keep their spaces extra clean. Countless gyms and studios, including SoulCycleOrangetheoryEquinox, and EverybodyFights (to name a few), have sent around emails telling clients of the extra precautions they’re taking to keep their studios clean—mainly, spending more time wiping down equipment and encouraging others to do the same. They also remind clients and trainers to frequently wash hands and stay home when sick.