Gear Patrol | 7 Trainers Share Their Home Gym Essentials

May 27, 2020 View the Original Article

Personal trainers make their living working with clients at gyms, but many of them also train clients in their own homes, meaning they have to think on their feet — depending on the tools and machines available. A talented certified trainer can take one look at the gear you have on hand and craft a unique workout that’ll push you to your max. Whether a trainer walks into a full-on basement kitted out with the best gear possible, or just a cleared out corner of your apartment, the key is making do with what you have — creating a challenging workout with what’s available.

To help you get your home gym ready for any trainer (not to mention help you prep for summer), we talked with eight experts to hear about what you need in a home gym. We asked how each of them works out, what tools they always keep on hand and what a perfect home gym looks like. Here are the gear items you need to stock your gym and work your body to the max.

George Foreman III

Owner of Everybody Fights

In 2013 George Foreman III opened up The Club in Boston to help share his methodologies. Foreman III finished his boxing career with a perfect record of 16-0 back in 2012, and continues to train to this day. Foreman III’s gym EverybodyFights has expanded since then to include a dozen locations across seven states.

“The key to a great workout at home is to have the ability and space,” Foreman III says. “Treat it like a gym: buy a great mat, maybe set up a rubber floor. A big part of the being consistent and enjoying a workout is the atmosphere.”


True to his roots, Foreman III recommends a punching bag — and a double-ended bag. “A double ended bag is filled with air, has bands on top and bottom, and helps you work on precision. The more you learn how to box, you can throw fast, powerful and precise punches, and the double-ended bag will give you a great workout without hurting your hands,” he says.

For beginners, Foreman III recommends the Aquabag. “The beauty of an Aquabag is that for a person who doesn’t know how to box, it’s hard to hurt your hand because it bounces back off the bag,” he says.

Rowing Machine

“I would not have a gym without one. Especially as a boxer, most of boxing is pushing out and you have to do the recall, pulling the punches to balance it out.”

Sonos One

“For music, I stream a playlist on Spotify through my Sonos,” Foreman III says.