Club Solutions | 105 Ideas: The Annual Issue of Inspiration

May 04, 2020 View the Original Article

Editor’s Note: Welcome! Here, you’ll find 105 ideas to draw inspiration from on topics ranging from club design and aquatics to leadership and artificial intelligence. This is the fifth year we’ll have published this special issue, and honestly I can’t think of a better time for it to have rolled around — a time when positivity and inspiration are needed more than ever. Although we do talk a bit about COVID-19 and provide tips for how club owners may need to pivot post-pandemic in certain areas, the vast majority of sections focus on tried-and-true best practices. Hopefully, this will serve as a nice reprieve from the uncertainty. Enjoy!

Social Media

Marketing is all about meeting members where they are, and fewer places on the internet are as commonly trafficked as social media platforms. Ben Eld, the director of marketing at EverybodyFights, and Aminta Iriarte, the social media manager of Crunch Fitness, give their tips for successfully executing a social media marketing strategy and engaging with members.

Ben Eld:

088 • Friction will kill your acquisition efforts. Target your social audience with an easy-to-claim offer, remove as many points of friction as you can, and just get them in the gym. Let the experience do the rest.

089 • Nobody has time. Looking at your social feed should tell your brand story in seconds, so tell a cohesive story post to post. Look at your feed daily and ask yourself if it is accomplishing this

090 • Trainers will have more real influence than your Instagram account ever will. Giving them access to content and helping them tell your brand story is key. You may find it more effective than storytelling through your own channel.