Our commitment to your safety.
New Safety Protocols
Gym Opening Updates
Fighter Responsibility
Keep Fighting

Hey Fighters,

We couldn’t be more excited to open our doors again. We are making changes we feel are necessary, but one thing that will never change is our effort to provide you the best fitness experience and community possible.

We are following all of the national and local guidelines with an added layer of innovations to protect all fighters in our community. We focused on increasing access and convenience while maintaining the workout, fun and value you’ve come to expect from EverybodyFights.

See below for all of the policy updates we have in place. We will update these in real time as guidelines change. To receive updates on all future changes, please subscribe to our SMS updates.

Check In Process
Step 1: Check in on your app for your desired class or activity. see the app in action
Step 2: From 6 feet away, show the front desk team member your app and let them know what class or activity you are checking in for.
Step 3: The Front desk team member will confirm you are good to go.
Step 4: Grab a spray bottle and a towel off the rack and return it to the desk when you leave.

Phased Opening Schedule

Round 1: July 20th

Personal Training Only

Limited Sessions
No Membership Fee
No Locker Rooms, Bathrooms Only
No Showers
No Towel Service
No Water Fountains
No Rental Gloves
No Bags, Wear In/Wear Out

Round 2: August 1st

PT & Open Gym

Reduced Capacity
Membership Reduced by 15%
No Locker Rooms, Bathrooms Only
No Showers
No Towel Service
No Water Fountains
No Rental Gloves
No Bags, Wear In/Wear Out

Round 3: TBD

PT, Open Gym, Audio/Video Classes + Instructor-Led Classes

Reduced Capacity
Membership Reduced by 10%
Locker Rooms Resume
No Showers
No Towel Service
No Water Fountains
No Rental Gloves
No Bags. Wear In/Wear Out.

Round 4: TBD

PT, Open Gym Audio/Video Classes + Increased Frequency of Instructor-Led Classes

Membership Back to Retail
Locker Rooms Resume
Showers Resume
Towel Service Resumes
No Water Fountains
No Rental Gloves


Here’s what we’re doing, and what you can do, to keep our community safe

Step 1: GO CONTACTLESS. It's easier.

Now all check in is contactless.
Book your class or open gym spot via the EBF Booking App and show your confirmation to the front desk
Be distant in space but not heart and spirit
We will ask everyone to respect personal space and always stay 6 feet apart

Step 2: GO DIGITAL. Work out anywhere, anytime.

Our new digital technology allows you to work out at any hour of the day in a group class environment with audio or video class options. Classes are programmed with each specific classroom location in mind! Now you can work out on your time with less crowds.


Book your space in advance to minimize crowds. You can even book your open gym spot in a classroom!

Open Gym
The class schedule will now have time for Open Gym throughout the day so you can book your spot anywhere in the gym and work out in your own space.

2 Spots Daily
You can book up to 2 spots daily. Please only book spots you can use as space will be limited. Reserved, but unused spots will prevent other community members from using the gym. Any spots not cancelled in advance will receive a late cancel or cancellation penalty.


EBF has implemented a self-check temperature function on our Booking APP. Before you can book a class, you must confirm that you have checked your temperature and it is below 100.

A community can build confidence in each other by taking steps to assure the safety of their community members.

Step 5: BE SAFE. BE CLEAN. Keep it swaggy.

  • Classes and Gym Capacity will be capped per phase above
  • All staff will be required to fill out a pre-shift health checklist, which includes temperature check
  • All staff will be required to wear masks

BE CLEAN: Pre and Post-Workout
  • Self-cleaned door handles by Nano-Septic (click here for details)
  • Sanitizing stations throughout the gym — we tripled the amount
  • Facility will be cleaned nightly with our electrostatic sprayers
  • Grab and Go Cleaning -- we will have spray bottles and towels at the front and you can grab your own to keep with you while you work out
  • “I was cleaned”
    • • Plaque in front of each classroom showing when it was last cleaned
    • • We will have two dedicated personnel devoted to cleaning and only cleaning all day
    • • Each room will be cleaned every 90-120 minutes with electrostatic sprayers
  • Hospital Grade HVAC Filters installed at every facility

  • Customers will be asked to follow state guidelines for mask recommendations. If the state does not require masks, we ask that customers still wear masks when traveling to and from classrooms
  • We will be selling full length workout gloves and masks online and in gym


Class capacity will be reduced in all rooms to ensure participants can remain 6 feet apart at all times. Class structure will be adjusted to avoid sharing equipment. Class Capacities will start at 20%.


You will have your own treadmill and deck during each class and will not be sharing equipment.


You will have your own bag 6 feet apart from your fellow fighters.


Initially, Strength and Cardio classes only. The circuit-style format will be suspended to eliminate sharing of equipment. We will resume circuit-style classes and sharing of equipment in the final round.


Weight room will be booked in advance with limited capacity


Cardio room will be booked in advance with limited capacity


We are connecting you more than ever. EBF will be launching VITALS September 1st. This will allow you to track PUNCHES and CALORIES on one tracking dashboard. Regardless of whether you are taking an in-gym instructor-led class, an in-gym audio/video class, or completing a workout at home, you will be connected and competing.

Step 8: SAY HELLO 2.0

High fives and handshakes are a thing of the past but loving our community members is not

The Social Distance Salutation
The Air Double High Five

Step 9: BE APPRECIATIVE. We appreciate you. We feel your support.

We wouldn't be able to open without you.

Because amenities will be restricted and services will be limited, we will be reducing your membership cost accordingly. We will also freeze your membership through any of the Rounds above, until returning to the gym feels right for you. We will always put our members first and act fairly no matter the cost to the business. Every month, we will add more value so that your EBF 2.0 membership is more valuable in the future than it was before we closed.

Step 10: BE MINDFUL.

We will notify all members if anyone in our community tests positive for COVID within 2 hours of our confirmation. This notification will detail the last known date that the individual was in the gym. Following a reported case, we will perform a deep clean of all impacted areas.
More Questions? We would love to hear from you.