EverybodyFights Podcast 9 Nico Longo | Namastay Sober

December 12, 2019 View the Original Article

#9 Nico Longo | Founder, NamaStay Sober - “When you’re doing things for the right reasons, you meet the right people at the right times.”

Nicoletta (Nico) Longo is a certified Corporate Meditation Trainer as well as the Founder and Chief Vision Officer of charity NamaStay Sober. The charity provides fitness and yoga scholarships for people in early recovery who otherwise wouldn’t have access to memberships, teacher trainings and a likeminded community.

Nico founded NamaStay Sober in late 2015, after losing her dear friend Brandon to addiction. She wanted Brandon’s legacy to live on, providing community for people in early stages of recovery to connect and support one another through exercise and wellness-focused events. Since founding NamaStay Sober; she has become a 500 HR meditation and mindfulness consultant working with individuals, corporations and one on one clients. Nico’s goal is to provide quality and accessible opportunities for people to connect to themselves, others, and most importantly - a practice of mindfulness.

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