Fight with Artists for Humanity

November 21, 2019

Fort Point in Boston is considered one of the most well-known artist communities in Boston. You can look no further than Artists For Humanity and their talented crew of painters and designers.

Artists For Humanity (AFH) provides under-resourced teens the keys to self-sufficiency through paid employment in art and design. AFH is built on the philosophy that engagement in the creative process is a powerful force for social change, and that creative entrepreneurship is a productive and life-changing opportunity for young people. Bridging economic, racial, and social divisions, AFH enriches urban communities by introducing young people's creativity to the business community.​

EverybodyFights partnered with Artists For Humanity and some of their Graphic Designers to develop some boxing hand wrap prints. What we received far surpassed our expectations and nearly knocked us out. Check out the stunning location-inspired artwork from Jenny (17), Natalie (18) and Miguel (17).