Fighter Profile | Barb

April 01, 2020 View the Original Article


One of Seaport's very first members, Barbara Wallace, handmade masks to donate to Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program to help the homeless during these difficult times. We are proud to have Barb in our corner! 🥊

"I’ve just kind of learned in the past few years that when I‘m struggling or having a hard time the best thing to do is to be of service. Since this pandemic has started, I’ve looked for ways to help. The need for homemade masks happened to align perfectly with my skill set.  Amongst everything going on and losing my father, I desperately needed a sense of purpose. Making the masks gave it to me. Making 50 masks is only a very small thing to do, but if everyone were to do something no matter how big or small - how amazing would that be? I love the quote from Gandhi- 'The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service to others.' Thank you again so much for having me do this. It really helped me more than you know!!" - @barbidollfit_614